World-Class Features Offered by iPage Web Hosting Service

Web hosting service providers are numerous but selecting the appropriate website host is essential for attracting customers and also to increase the web traffic. One such web-hosting domain is iPage. The hosting features and plans of IPage are excellent and well within the budget of the customers. What follows is an iPage review and a complete analysis of it’s features and freebies. The iPage hosting service is US based organization with a number of quality features:

a) Unlimited data space for free and seamless storage of data.

b) Unlimited transfers of data with the provision of an unlimited bandwidth.

c) High level customer support and assistance, 24 hours a day.

d) Personalized email accounts, free marketing tools

e) Unlimited domain registrations and uncluttered site builder for newbie customers.

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Freebies with IPage registration:

1. Customers are entitled for a $100 worth Google search advertisement.

2. A $25 worth yahoo and Bing search advertisement.

3. A $50 worth advertisement in the social networking sites like Facebook.

4. Free listing on yellow pages and in the popular WordPress for promotions.

5. An offered price of $20 per month subscription at shop site, and much more.

These are for customers of iPage only and are meant for promoting and marketing the web sites so as to increase the web traffic and also to generate ad revenue. All these offers would add up to $300, for customers of iPage.

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Novelty of iPage

The web hosting service provider has a number of novel features. Few such novelties are design suite of iPage that includes blogs of various kinds, photo galleries, web builders based on templates, online stores, transfer of files securely using secure FTP, Google web master tools and much more. Customers can get more information and benefit by calling the number listed in their web site, or they can have a live chat with customer executives. Tutorials are also provided for new users so they can understand web hosting better. iPage has the standard of attending calls within a time frame of 2 minutes, and because of this, iPage has been awarded in 2012 with the prestigious customer ranking and support award.


Security and reliability:

iPage is engaged in preventive measures for the safety and security of users and their web content. iPage involves in frequent inspection of data, daily malware scans, business verifications, scanning the network continuously for infected packets, availability of a powerful and reliable data center, and display certificates for web sites. The web sites hosted on IPage are always up and running. The green initiative of iPage is also worth mentioning for the company’s commitment and moral certainty. They purchase twice the amount of Renewable Energy System (REC) for every KW of energy they consume and the most significant aspect is that they use wind energy to power their data centers. Open this link to reach review of A2hosting that is also a green web host. To know more about great discounts on their hosting packages, visit A2 hosting coupons on intairnet.org.


Why is IPage popular?

With more than a million active web pages, iPage is leading the industry by all means possible. iPage provides free marketing tools for users, so as to increase the visitors. The customers are also eligible to get their money back, anytime if they happen to dislike the service. Even though, the features of iPage are world-class, the cost is exceedingly low for the features provided. Customers who are interested can enroll in iPage web hosting at a discounted price of $1.99 per month for the next three months. This is a great offer price. With iPage coupon, the pricing will get reduced to a considerable extent.


With all these fabulous features, iPage web hosting stands out from its entire line of competitors. This is the best option for customers who are looking for the best service within their budget.

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